Writing an Argument for Change

Writing introduction and conclusion paragraphs may seem daunting, whether you are just having a hard time coming up with those first few sentences or just do not know how to bring your paper to a close. This Discussion gives you an opportunity to post draft versions of your introduction and conclusion paragraphs for your persuasive essay so that you can receive feedback on their effectiveness from your peers and the instructor. You may find it helpful to post your introduction and conclusion paragraphs early in the unit so that you have time to revise them for the unit’s Assignment based on the feedback you receive and the insights you find from the Learning Activities.

Include all of the following in your Discussion post: •A draft of your introduction paragraph for your persuasive essay using one of the techniques described in the Learning Activities •A thesis statement as the last sentence of your introduction •A draft of your conclusion paragraph for your persuasive essay •An explanation of what motivated your decisions when writing both paragraphs, such as why you used a particular technique and the impact you want to have on your audience with these paragraphs


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