workplace bullying essay

workplace bullying essay

2-3 quotes from “organiztional behavior” 15th edition by Stephen Robbins and Timothy Judge within the essay required.


Please view assignment itself on attached document

This assignment supports the following lesson objectives:

  • Examine theories related to conflict.
  • Describe the conflict process.
  • Discuss how effective negotiating can occur.
  • Identify challenges to negotiating.

Assignment Overview

  • This writing assignment explores the effects of office bullying.


  • One-two pages (12 point font) summary. (single spaced)

Activity Details

Perform the following tasks:

  • Step 1: Access and watch the video, “Bullies on the Job.”
    Clickhere and select the “Bullies on the Job” link to access the video.
  • Step 2: Visit the Know Your Watershed website.
    Visit the Know Your Watershed website (sponsored by Purdue University) a
  • Step 3: Write a one-page report summarizing your answers to these questions.
    Use a word processor (such as MS Word) to write your answers to the following questions. Where appropriate, include personal experience in your answers. Make sure that you properly cite any articles used.

    1. Why would it be necessary to eliminate office bullying?  Is office bullying just a simple form of organizational conflict?  Why or why not? (add and cite your research)
    2. Based on the information presented in the video, what should you do if you feel you are the victim of office bullying? (add and cite your research)
    3. What action(s) or policies should you implement as a manager to create a “bully-free” work environment? (add and cite your research)
    4. What is the difference between “bullying” and “harassment” in the workplace? (add and cite your research)

In addition, decide which of the resolution techniques discussed in this lesson you would use most often to resolve conflicts. Explain why.

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