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It’s a hotel working report, the all requirment is in the document, I need you use median writting skill and double space,9 pages. And I only can give you 40 hours.

HTM 302 Hospitality Internship

General Guidelines for All Three Student Reports

All HTM 302 internship reports must be written in a professional and thorough manner following the below guidelines.  Failure to follow those could result in a student not receiving HTM 302 credit. Note: Reports completed by students are confidential and not shared with the employer.


All students enrolled in HTM 302 are required to submit to Blackboard detailed reports of their experience, which will consist of three reports due on three specified dates. Please check with the HTM 302 Instructor if you are unsure of whether or not you have fulfilled all of the requirements.



  • Reports should be submitted to Specific due dates will be posted at the beginning of each semester. Students will receive emails well in advance to inform them of all deadlines.
  • Every report should have a title page, which includes the student’s name, student ID number, campus phone number, name of the organization, and location of the internship.
  • Reports should be double-spaced with 1 inch margins on all sides using 12 pitch Times New Roman font.
  • Required: Subject headings for each sectionYou must list the subject heading and then list the question followed by the answer.  Answers should be The student will be asked to address information specific to the internship which is to be completed in an organized question and essay format. There are three reports required.
    • Report #1 covers organizational information such as background of the organization and the organizational structures as well as management philosophy and clientele and a critique of the organization.
    • Report #2 consists of specific information regarding the first rotational on-the-job experience.
    • Report #3 covers the second two rotations of on-the-job experiences and also covers the overall evaluation and critique of the internship.
  • All reports must be submitted in sufficient detail to adequately cover what the student learned. The student should be able to complete this report with information that they have gained through training and observation of the organization and should not simply copy and paste from the company’s website, although the website may be used as a reference source.
  • The students are encouraged to keep a daily journal to assist them when writing the three sections of the Student Report.
  • Refer to the specific details in the syllabus for each report for more information.

Please Note: Failure to follow the format and do a quality job will result in you receiving a much lower grade or no credit for each part.

Guidelines for Student Report #1

(Required:  Report to be uploaded on Blackboard)

Report must be saved in this format: LastName_FirstName_Report 1 (example: Doe_Jane_Report 1)

NOTE: Refer to “General Guidelines for All Three Student Reports” in the syllabus for additional guidelines. Failure to follow the format and do a quality job will result in you receiving a much lower grade or no credit.

Report #1 (the exact due date will be announced at the beginning of the semester):

Title Page: (1 page) (3 points)

Student’s name, student ID number, campus phone number, email, name of the organization, and location of the internship.

Section I:  Organizational Information (minimum 5 pages)

  1. Organizational History and Growth (12 points): Give detailed information on the history and growth of the organization. We are primarily interested in your local unit although you should include some information about the parent company.

The organizational name is mercure beijing downtown.


  1. Organizational Structure (12 points): What are the organizational structures of your specific location (for example, a specific Courtyard)?  If your parent company was a management company, then you must discuss that also. Organizational charts must also be included as part of the discussion to highlight who does what at all levels within your specific unit. If you cannot find this out, ask and do not wait until the end of your internship to find out. If the organization does not have one to give you, you must develop one based on information provided by the organization.
  2. Management Philosophy (12 points): Discuss the management philosophy or corporate culture of the organization. What is the organization’s mission or vision statement? Discuss this from the standpoint of management and employees. Does the company actually practice what is outlined in these statements? You can find this on the website or you can ask the HR Department.
  3. Organizational Clientele (12 points): Give specific information on the clientele of your organization. Who are the customers by the various segments that your locations serves (What type of business; during what times and periods of the week, month, or year, etc. and what are the prices the clientele pay for various products or services?)
  4. Competition (12 points) : Discuss the specific competition to your organization both locally and nationally. This should include the names of the business, a description of how each competes, and the impact of the competitors.
  5. Employee Orientation (12 points): All employees receive some type of orientation. Discuss in detail the orientation you received. Was there a formalized general employee orientation when you first started or was the orientation informal?  Was it a group or individual orientation? How was the orientation presented: written, verbal, computer? Was the orientation effective and how could it have been improved? Make sure to include information from the orientation  such as: when you were to be paid, uniforms, benefits, behaviors, parking, etc.

Section II: Critique of Organization (minimum 4 pages)

  1. What were your expectations for this internship and are they being met at this point? (5 points)
  2. How were you made to feel welcome? (5 points)
  3. How are procedures communicated and how well are they followed? (5 points)
  4. Discuss approaches to customer service. (5 points)
  5. Discuss the competency of the managers. (5 points)



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