What are the key or essential factors you need to consider when presenting a business case to upper management and why?

1. What are the key or essential factors you need to consider when presenting a business case to upper management and why? (BCOM Ch. 10,11, &12) 2. Why is a Systems Development Life Cycle such a powerful tool in establishing a successful Information Systems project today? MIS Ch. 10-11) 3. Decision support systems provide management with tools to allow them to be more successful. What are some of them and how do they help management be more effective and efficient? (MIS Ch. 10-11) 4. Describe the types of decisions made by management and which one do you think you will use the most in your life and why? (MIS Ch. 11-12) 5. Advanced systems like; Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Expert Systems are so difficult to implement. What is the essential difference between artificial Intelligence and expert systems and give an example of each. Also do you think they will become prosthesis for humans or are they already? (MIS Ch. 13)

The format of this essay style exam is simple:YOUMUST USE THIS FORMAT OR POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED! ALL answers must be in your own words not quoted or directly from any source. Give me a concise statement responding to each question. DO NOT RESTATE THE QUESTION. This must be a statement by you, given your understanding of the question. It should be around three sentences or more, and should not be from the text. It is your thoughts on the question! Give me at least threebullet points to back up your statement, these can be simple phrases or sentences, but no more than a paragraph, single words will not receive full credit. Then give me a conclusion about the question and your response. This should also be several sentences and not copied from the text but your own words. This means that each question has five (5) value propositions and is worth so many points that the combination of questions and value points per question equal 100. So it should be easy to calculate whether or not you achieved success at answering the question. Giving me all the value proposition points does not guarantee full credit! If you give me garbage you can expect an appropriate grade for garbage. If you give me direct quotes from the text expect minimal to zero points! I want you to show me you understand the material and not just able to vomit it back to me. As with all grading there is a level of subjectivity to it. This exam is for electronic exam purposes! You must answer the questions and submit them to me no later than Class start time on the date selected in D2L. Any resource(s) you decide to use other than another human is acceptable. The primary resource is the text book. The questions come from the textbook chapters only, but that does not mean they are the only two places in the text to find the answers. Use of textbook slides will not enable you to complete the questions in depth or detail sufficient to gain a passing grade. The earlier you post the exam to me the happier I will be; however I am looking for quality over quantity. Your answers per question should not be over a page. Exams must be submitted to the D2L class Dropbox, if you are late or fail to send me your answers by the time limit stated above, your grade will be a zero! No exceptions, if you are late it is a zero! An example would be: Q: What is and how does Cloud computing work? A. Statement: Cloud computing is a current buzz word phrase that describes how the current technology of mainframe to terminal hardware architecture has evolved with the advent of smart phones and more useful (processor and memory enabled) technology. The current state of technology has allows us to augment our mobile life style environment with almost instant access to huge databases of materials we may find fun or necessary to our business and personal lives. It does this using the internet and the associated backbone via ISP and NSP infrastructure. The connectivity we have is the backbone of our society today. B. Proof or value added to the above statement is: (Minimum of three (3)) 1. Mainframe technology has gained significant capability to engage millions of users simultaneously and integrate their multiple databases into a searchable field of evidence for decision making. ( Please note the attached figures) 2. The infrastructure of the communication’s world has granted us the ability to connect in many places within our cultural environment at a price point we can afford as well as the security level we are willing to allow. This connectivity is the one of the three keys to our level of success today. ( Please note the attached figures) 3. The massive databases we can access almost at will brings us more than just data, but information and relationships of how the interaction of the information. It is a decision process enabler that we use. However, it is our experiences that allow us a use of the information so we can make the best possible decision in a given time frame that makes this system valuable. (Please note the attached figures) Examples of the above technology infrastructure are: IBM, HP, CISCO, DELL and other massive mainframe sites located in Data Centers around the country and world allow the processing of millions of data request every second, Connectivity is granted by every communications vendors at high speed and bandwidth, such as AT&T, Verizon, Cable and Wireless etc… This is done/underwritten with government funded research and endowments via organizations like DARPA and DOE, and the FCC.

C. Conclusion: This is a highly reliable (up-time) set of systems that is robust enough for today’s demands and flexible enough for us to evolve it as our uses expand and change over time. The Cloud is not new except as a term to characterize what we use and how we use technology and information today. The figures attached demonstrate the complexity as well as the simplicity of it. The entire Cloud based technology is a challenge to keep running and the security aspects of keeping each person’s or organization’s data clean and secure is difficult. The above answer would get you between a 16 and 18 out of 20 depending on how good your writing is.



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