We use language in expressive ways to underscore our meaning when we speak

We use language in expressive ways to underscore our meaning when we speak. The arts also have their own language used by artists and performers in a variety of unique and expressive ways. The language of the visual atr include language of composition such as line,color ,form and repetition. Visual artists use each of these elements and many other factors of composition to create unique works.Learning the language of art is one way of gaining deeper understanding of the ideas in a painting sculpture or a work of architecture. What is it that we communicate when we speak to one another? often we share stories ideas or just how we feeling. The arts ues their own language in a similar way to share ideas andthe values that are important to the society in which the art work was made. Format paper consistent with APA guidlines. Use university of phoenix library to find two sources that support your position on the energy debate. Use current source. 1. Research MAYA Lin’s vietnam Veterans Memorial and Th’eodore g’ericault’s the Raft of Medusa. Describe each work in terms of element s of composition -What its it shape color material and so forth. Describe the work in terms of its symbolic significance – What was MAYA Lin’s purpose of designing the memorial as she did? Additionally what does the work say about our society in terms of what we value and how we choose to commemorate or respond to national events? Answer the same question for Gericault’s the Raft of medusa. Submit your assignment in a 700-1000 word paper.

2. Select your top three choices for the most important elements of composition and then select which you think is the most important element. select one example of a work of art that visually demonstrates and support your choice for the most important element of composition Summarize your selected art work describing its elements of composition.


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