Training and Development Assignment

Identify an organization that you have access to in order to conduct an interview with an HRD/OD professional. Theorganization can be your current employer, a Fortune 500 organization, or a selected organization approved by yourinstructor.1. Provide a one paragraph overview of the organization, describing the history, scope, size, and purpose.2. Schedule an appointment with the organization’s HRD/OD professional, and submit the date, time, name,position, and contact information of interviewee along with your overview.[Preview into Unit III’s HRD/OD Interview Mini Project]Conduct an interview with the HRD/OD professional selected in part one of this assignment. Cover at least the followingtopics in the interview:1. top three-five successes/areas of influence of HRD/OD practitioners,2. top three-five obstacles of HRD/OD practitioners, and3. keys to success in strategic planning of HRD.Remember that interviews do not always consist solely of asking questions; research the organization you have chosenand be prepared for an in-depth discussion. Make up a list of questions to ask your guest during the interview. This is youropportunity to learn from a professional who has been in the industry. Once you have completed the interview, submit atwo-page report on your findings from the interview. Consider what you learned and how you can apply it to your careerpath.Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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