Top Three Trends in your profession and associated industry

Assignment 4: Top Three Trends in your profession and associated industry-Annotated Bibliography
Top Three Trends in Your Profession and Associated Industry-Annotated Bibliography

This assignment, in which you research, describe, and discuss three of the top trends in your industry/profession, has two sections.

First Section-Annotated Bibliography

In the first section of the assignment you will create an annotated reference list, following the steps listed below.

  1. Identify the NAICS code of your industry or the SOC code
  2. Identify and list the key concepts and terms related to researching, describing and discussing the top three trends in your industry/profession.
  3. Identify the Library References you will use in developing the annotated bibliography
  4. Create a short informative annotated reference list of at least 6 references.
  5. Submit the assignment to before you submit the assignment to LEO.

Second Section-Power Point Presentation

In the second section you will create a 5 minute narrated Power Point presentation of the top three trends in your profession/industry and what actions you will take to be prepared for these trends (training courses, certifications, etc.). Directions on how to create a narrated Power Point are provided.



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