Therapist Interview

Seek out a professional in your local area who is actively involved in counseling children, not adolescents. The individual should be a child counselor, therapist, social worker, or guidance counselor. Please do not use teachers, junior high guidance counselors, or senior high guidance counselors. The professional should be actively involved in counseling children and not be an educator.

Think through the case studies you have read in the Golden test and come up with 15 questions to ask the professional from these readings. The questions need to be well thought out. In addition to the 15 questions, ask the counselor about the greatest ethical issue he/she has addressed and why he/she sees it as his/her greatest dilemma. Also, ask the counselor if and how he/she integrates biblical truths into counseling children. If you really do not understand a certain approach, ask the professional you are interviewing to clarify why such an approach would be taken. Gather as much information as possible to help you understand Golden’s case studies more clearly.


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