The desing of everday things

This paper uses the tools learned from reading The Design of Everyday Things” and the products we examined in class. You may choose any product you wish to analyze. However, it should have things in its design such as the following:



Color coding


It must do something physical in nature

For example, a framed picture would not be appropriate.

If you choose a tool such as a hammer, that is ok, because you have to do something with it Using the book, examine the product

Prepare a 2 to 3 page paper, double-spaced, that describes the product using the concepts of the book. My suggestion is to work from chapter 1 to chapter 7. You might not use everything, given the space, but demonstrate that you can examine a product in a structured manner. I will accept a longer paper if you wish.


You should determine a way to organize vour paper. For example, you might use the stages described early in the text and then wrap around those the concepts found later in the text. or, ou might identify a major concern or insight and use the text to justify your conclusion.


Appropriate product choice

Correct use of terms/concepts


Logical development

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