Sustainable World case study presentations:

Choose an
issue from the Sustainable Community Sourcebook that you are interested in
exploring. You can draw on stories
shared in the sourcebook directly, and enhance with additional sources on the
internet. Find an initiative that is working on addressing this issue. At the
end of the sourcebook, there are many links to organizations you may be
interested in, or you can do your own web search. You can also choose an
initiative you are personally involved in or interested in researching. During
class, you will be asked to give a 5-10 minute report in small groups,
introducing the initiative you have chosen. You can choose to do this alone or
in groups. Prepare a 1- 2 page (double spaced) report (per person) addressing
the following questions:

A brief description of the initiative you have

What inspires you about it

What does this initiative stand for? What values
and ethical principles does it support?

What basic “life principles” does it support or
engage in?

If you consider sustainability as integrating
environmental, economic, and social justice –
are all of these represented or are any of them not being addressed

What makes this initiative effective?

What could make this initiative even more

What role could you see yourself playing in this
or a similar initiative?


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