Submit an annotated bibliography in APA format, showing the sources you expect to cite in the Week 4 team paper.

Submit an annotated bibliography in APA format, showing the sources you expect to cite in the Week 4 team paper. (See Week 4 TA for the content of the paper and the presentation.)

Include an APA formatted title page with each contributing member’s names listed.

The list must include at least eight (8) peer-reviewed, academic sources from the University Library for the Consumer Traits and Behavior Paper due in Week Four and the Presentation due in Week Five.  If a source is not found in the UOP Library, you must submit it to the instructor for approval at least 2 days before the assignment is due.  Remember not all UOP Library sources are peer-reviewed.

Regardless of the size of the team, each team member must cite at least three (3) peer-reviewed, academic sources.  At the end of each citation, list the contributing team member’s name.

See the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) for the format of an annotated bibliography.

The team is encouraged to use the course textbooks as sources, but they do not count toward the minimum required number of peer-reviewed, academic sources.


Review the Assignment Feedback form (rubric) for additional grading details.  See Appendix A in the SYLLABUS-APPENDIX A-RUBRIC document.


From the IP and applies to all team deliverables:

All members of the team are responsible for the contentquality, and originality of the product.

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