Student Authored Article (Personality PSychology)

Please be sure to read the attachment in great detail. Any submission that does not follow guidelines will be disputed

*Must be graduate level work

*Must be an APA format

*Must use sources in the attachment as a reference

*Minimum pages length 13. Maximum page length 25

*Must use 10 peer reviewed sorces 2 of which must be primary source written by the theorist.

*Abstract maximum 150 words



Must select one from the theorists and theories below

1. John Dollard and Neal Miller – Social Learning Theory

2. Erich Fromm – Existential and Humanistic Psychology

3. David Buss – Evolutionary Psychology

4. Rollo Reece May – Existential Psychology

5. Viktor Frankl – Logotherapy


6. Julian Rotter – Locus of Control

7. Martin Seligman – Learned Helpless and Positive Psychology

8. Veronica Benet-Martínez – Cultural Influences on Personality and Bicultural Identity



Put yourself in the shoes of one of the personality theorist listed above and propose a solution to a real-world contemporary problem based on your understanding of the theorist and his or her theories. How do you break down this theory to inform your selection of the problem, how does it address not only the problem, but the solution, and how can you defend this solution? (All questions must be answered in depth)


Must Address all of the following in detail:

Using the preapproved theorists and resources, select and analyze a foundational theory of personality for its historical context, theorist’s biases, and research methods. Aspects you will address in this analysis would include the following: o Analyze the background of your theory. This means including key biographical information related to the theorist (not simply providing biographical elements about the theorist) and the historical context in which the theory was developed. For example, were there important world events that may have influenced the theorist? o Analyze the essential characteristics of the theory. This is a section in which you begin to incorporate relevant research that demonstrates the development of the theory. For example, was the theory a reaction against other forces in psychology of the time or an extension of the work of an earlier theorist? 2. Evaluate this theory’s continued relevance, validity, and corresponding accuracy in the context of the contemporary principles and current research findings in this field. o Evaluate the validity and corresponding accuracy of the theory. Validity of a theory relates to such issues as how well the theory explains behavior, how well the theory makes testable predictions, and how well those predictions are supported by research. For example, what is the research evidence that supports the theory? What is the research evidence that does not support the theory? How does the theory explain personality development? o Evaluate the aspects that are relevant in the field today and the ones that are not. What is the current thinking in the field using evidence from recent research? Note that “recent” research is defined as within the last five years. 3. After analyzing and evaluating your selected foundation theory and theorist(s), you will use this lens to analyze a complex problem in the field of personality psychology that draws upon this theory and propose an appropriate solution to that complex problem that draws upon contemporary principles and current research findings in this field. o Discuss how your theory relates to the problem. For example, if you are addressing psychoanalytical theory and the current complex problem you are addressing is child abuse and neglect, explain how your theory relates to or explains this problem. o Ensure that the solution you propose is consistent with the theory and contemporary relevance of the problem you have identified. How would your selected theorist approach this problem? For example, if you have selected one of the existential theorists, how might he or she conceptualize the current problem of PTSD? What specific approach would the theorist take in dealing with this problem? How valid do you find this approach? If there is available research related to the application of this theory to this specific problem, describe that research here. Also, consider describing research that you believe would help inform this issue. 4. In discussing your solution, assess how personality psychological practices differ in terms of their appropriateness for diverse populations and application practices. o Address the applicability of your selected theory in terms of its appropriateness for diverse populations. Applicability of a theory generally relates to how well the theory can be applied to real-world situations. In other words, how well can your selected theory be applied in a variety of cultural situations? o Include examples of how the approach to implementing your solution in practice might differ based on the target population. 5. Include a cogent thesis and thesis argument that will clearly defend a position on the role personality psychology plays in the broader field of psychology and its relevancy to practical issues. o Your position will demonstrate that you are familiar with the relevant current research. For example, if you are stating that social learning theory is still relevant to your proposed solution, you are following up that statement with evidence from current research that supports your position and explains why. o You will demonstrate your informed opinion and articulate its viability. Your article should address research that exists against your position and your articulation of why or why not that research is viable and how it impacts what you are stating in your own article. o You will address what research needs to be done to further support or not support the position you are taking. What sort of research would validate or invalidate your position? For example, when you restate your proposed solution in closing, you might say something like, “If we want to fully explore the implications of this learning theory in early childhood development, the type of research we would need to engage in for a more comprehensive dialogue would consist of…


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