Strategic Plan Preparation

This assignment spans six weeks so if your choose to do it, you will be working this assignment until completion.  It must be original work.


Strategic Plan Preparation
• Presentation

Strategic Plan Preparation
Choose an organization as the focus for the Strategic Plan, due in Week 6. Choose an organization according to the following:

• Current employer
• Most recent or former employer
• Place of business that you have patronized or have been familiar with over a long period of time.
Avoid choosing an organization that is so large that historical data would be difficult to apply. Firms in the Russell 2000® index may fit well, whereas firms in the Dow 30 Industrial index probably do not.
The organization can be a start-up that you or a significant other may create in the future. For a start-up, focus on an entrepreneurial idea that is of substantive interest, so this project leaves you with a product you may leverage in the future.
Write a paragraph to justify selecting this organization. Include the following:
• The organization’s name
• The purpose for this organization
• Why this organization is of interest to you
• Availability of organizational data: Avoid selecting an existing organization for which there is no publicly available historical data. Identify data sources that will be utilizing.
Your facilitator will formally approve this choice, or recommend reconsideration, prior to your Research Proposal assignment.

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