Small Business Expansion Methods

Objective: Find what is the best possible way to transition a small business into a large corporation within the Australian Market. Take into account, cost, competitive advantage, and expansion.

Problem: Too many small business stagnate or decline in growth after 8yrs+ of operation. What Methods/Business Plan can we provide as a solution to this problem.

Possible Scenario:(Optional)
You are the CEO of a small butcher business in Sydney Australia. The business has been operating for 10+yrs and in the last 3yrs of operations the business has started to stagnate. Your last 3yr turn over has reached $1,560,000AUD with the net profit being 25% ($390,000AUD). You recently received a business bank loan of $3,000,000AUD.
What are the best ways to invest this money into the business to ensure maximum growth/expansion in the shortest possible time

Chapter 1: Nature and Background of the Study (10)

This chapter provides a background to the study. It should provide the following information:

Statement of the problem
Background of the problem
Rationale for the study
Research questions and/or hypotheses
Assumptions, limitations, and delimitations
Definitions of terms

Chapter 2: Literature Review (20)

This chapter should explain what has been done in previous research related to the study. It should contain the following information:

Prior research
Related literature

Chapter 3: Methodology (20)

This chapter should, in a detailed and lucid manner, explain how the study was conducted. It should contain the following information:

Development of questionnaires, tests, survey instruments, etc.
Definition of the population
Sampling methods used
How the data were collected
Research design used
Statistical tests (or qualitative approaches) that will be used to analyze the data

Chapter 4: Analysis of Data (20)

This chapter reports the study findings. It should explain the results of the statistical analysis (or the qualitative analysis) of the data. In the case of the former, it should state whether the null hypothesis should be rejected.

Chapter 5: Discussion, Conclusions, and Recommendations (20)

This chapter summarizes the results of the study and explains any conclusions that have resulted from the analysis of the data. You should cite and explain any shortcomings of the study and suggest avenues for further research. Recommendations obtained from the study should be included here.

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