SITUATION ANALYSIS Planet Organic and the organic food retail market in Germany

MKT6A2 Global Marketing Management

Assignment 2: 


Strategy and Management


This part of the coursework-leading on from Assignment1,will develop and assess students’ understanding of how decisions are made and how they fit together.There will be scope for creativity while ensuring that key marketing aims and objectives are being met. Each student will be required to clearly demonstrate a scholarly awareness of cross-border, and within foreign target market, marketing strategy.





Workingnow as a  marketing consultancy group (formed in Week 5),you are required to build on the situationalanalysis of ONE of yourcolleagues’ assessment 1 submissions (not necessarilybased on the best grade –thisbeingsummarized in your first link section (seebelow). You are to provide a report of 2000 words (max) on the sameretailentity.



Report format:


  1. Link to Assessment 1 (max 1.35 sides) including retailer identification, TM identification, TM segments, listing of main competitors and perceptual map (all from Assessment 1) (c. 200 words)
  2. Market Entry Mode( c. 200-250 words)
  3. TM aims and objectives( c. 5/6 bullet points)
  4. Target Market (competitive) Strategies (c. 250 words)
  5. Marketing Mix decisions and Relationship Marketing if retailing, remember you are a store!) (c. 700-1000 words)
  6. GMM Management: organization, monitoring progress, motivation/control (c. 200 words)
  7. Brief Recommendations for action (bullet points : e.g. short/medium/long term 200 words


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