Simple Regression

1. Gather at least 30 data points of data on some sports related activity that has two halves, such as a game or a season. Enter the source of the data.

a. If your data is an average; e.g. Earned run average or batting average, do not double.

b. If you data is a count: e.g. first half score or home runs in the first half of the season, double the first half number (not the final one).

2. Enter the data in the first two columns of a spreadsheet and produce a scatter plot.

3. Run a simple regression with the first half variable as the independent variable.

4. Paste your results on the assignment sheet.

5. Enter the coefficient, standard error and z-statistic.

6. Show where your estimate falls on the normal distribution provided.

7. Is the coefficient sufficiently different from zero? Explain.

8. Is the coefficient sufficiently different from one? Explain.



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