Seven P’s of Services Marketing

The traditional marketing mix is made up of the four P’s: product, place, price and promotion. However, when dealing with services not only are these P’s utilized, but services marketing has also adopted people, physical environment and process for a total of seven P’s that are important to consider in a service industry.

For this discussion, please select a startup company that provides a service. Evaluate and critique this service from all seven P’s and make recommendations for each area based on your current knowledge of the industry, competition, need, consumer and/or market.

To help you find a startup company you can reference:

Inc. Magazine and click on “Inc 5000” located on the top right and select the 5000 list to review the list of startup companies.

Clearly identify in your post what the service company is, a brief description, identify and explain how the seven P’s are currently used and then make your recommendation. Just include two to three sentences after each P providing this information.


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