After the interview, you will summarize your interview findings and compare and contrast the answers with research studies you have found. Make sure to include a minimum of 5 empirical studies. Finally, include a section integrating biblical truths to what you have learned about bullying.Your findings must be combined into a 3–5 page paper.

The paper will be submitted along with a copy of all the questions you asked in the interview. Complete the assignment using APA format, however an abstract is not required; only title and reference pages. This assignment is due 9/13/15 8:45pm central time zone

Interview on Bullying (that I did on a teacher)

I will be interviewing Ms.Cann on Monday, August 31, 2015 at 11:30 a.m. at the Stigall Magnetic School on school bullying.

1. What is bullying to you? A: Bullying takes many different forms including physical threats or violence; name-calling and teasing; ostracism; and social attacks on someone’s reputation. 2. Have you every bullied anyone? A: Yes, I bulled my cousin. She was tall, mix and all the boys liked her so I picked on her for been bi racial. 3. Were you ever the victim of bullying? A: No, I was kind of mean growing up so people did not mess with me that much. 4. Have you ever witnessed someone being bullied? A: Yes, but I didn’t know the child and I was young myself I just kept laughing and walking with my friends home. I mean now that I’m grown I feel bad about what I did but I can only move forward can not change the past but the future I can. 5. Do the school have resources available to help students who get bullied? A: Yes, they can talk with the guidance teacher who is at the school every day. 6. How big of a problem is bullying in the schooling? A: I feel like once social media has step in to make people aware of bullying, then rest assured the problem is huge. 7. What should children and teens do if they see another kid being bullied? A: If young people witness bullying, their wisest choices are going to depend on the situation they can speak up, reach out, and/or leave to get help from us. 8. Many teachers have indicated to me that they believe some of these bullies are emotionally disturbed? A: These teachers may be right in thinking that some bullies are emotionally disturbed. 9. What should I do if I am worried that my child is being bullied? A: A child who is being bullied is likely to be struggling with loneliness, misery, and despair. 10. What happens if my child is the one doing the bullying instead? A: Take a breath! Stay calm no matter how you feel inside. You will be more successful in dealing with the problem and your child will be more likely to give you accurate information if you sound caring and not upset 11. What if my child is been bullied on the school bus? A: The whole school bullying prevention initiative, all bus drivers should receive training about bullying prevention. Then they will established protocol for handing bullying behavior. 12. Is name calling bullying to you? Why or why not? A: It depends if this is a everyday thing. 13. Have there been bullying in your class thus far this year? A: No bullying has been done in my classes and I tend to keep it that of way. 14. Why is it that bullying is not really going on as much as it was? A: Most students pick on each other because of the clothing they wear and been that they wore it on the week before twice. We have a dress code that the entire school system has to obey. Everybody wear the same colors and no name brand clothing allowed in the school so this is why bullying has com down a little in our area. 15. What have I neglected to ask? Do you have any questions for me? A: I appreciate your giving me the chance to address some things that bothers me a lot which is bully. No ma’am I don’t have any question just hope I was able to answer your questions on day.

Golden, L. B. (2002). Case studies in child and adolescent counseling (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill/Prentice Hall. ISBN: 9780130868183. Henderson, D. A., & Thompson, C. L. (2011). Counseling children (8th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole. ISBN: 9780495903383.

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