Riordan Executive Report

Riordan Executive Report Create a detailed 500-100 word paper report outlining Riordan’s current business support IS and IT implementation, and what is required to support IS and IT needs during the next 3 to 5 years. Highlight the effects the functions would have on the enterprise’s IT and business units. · Identify the value each implementation provides, and make a recommendation about which support systems should be operated in-house, which should be outsourced, and which methods of outsourcing should be used. · Identify how the organization will measure value of each implementation on an ongoing basis. Describe the process or method the IS and IT departments will use to provide continuing value to the organization. For the following company systems: · Finance & Accounting Systems · Customer relationship management (CRM) · Supply chain management (SCM) · Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems · HRIS system

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