Review of Literature

In this Application, you will continue to work on your Final Project by reviewing literature about your research topic.

To prepare for this Application:

Review the journal articles that you researched during your Week 6 Application 2 Assignment.

The assignment:

Write a 5- to 7-page paper in which you begin a review of the literature on your topic. The completed review will become part of your final research project proposal.

Make sure that you include information about the construct that you will study as well as the procedure you will follow and statistical tests you will calculate. This will serve as the basis for the review of literature for your final paper.

Include 7–10 papers to review. You may use the ones that you suggested to your instructor as preparation for your article critique.

Doctoral Research: Application Evaluation Criteria

Criteria Points Addresses all aspects of the task 6 Is substantive and demonstrates understanding and thoughtful/accurate application of concepts and/or issues presented in the course (e.g., insightful interpretations or analyses; accurate and perceptive parallels, ideas, opinions, and conclusions; supporting evidence for statements and ideas) 20 Provides evidence of original and critical thinking 10 Demonstrates quality and effectiveness in written communication (e.g., grammar, syntax, spelling, mechanics) 2 Adheres to APA style and formatting standards

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