RESEARCH PAPER PROJECT: Students must write a summary of the legal and ethical significance of their chosen case. In addition, student written case summaries should include an explanation of the relevancy of their chosen cases, and if and how their individual case has had an impact in the ethical administration of justice.  The best way of doing this is by writing a Case Brief of the case. A Case Brief includes summaries of (a) the relevant facts; (b) the legal issues; (c) majority holding and reasoning; (d) dissent reasoning, if any. Students not familiar with Case Briefs are encouraged to check online for examples of case briefs. The case must be selected by the fourth week of class.  This assignment must be a five page TYPED DOUBLE SPACED PAGES, not including the title page or references.  A minimum of three legal analysis sources (e.g., Law Review Articles, other legal cases which have cited and explained the importance of the student’s chosen case, scholarly articles or monographs), or the student may choose three peer reviewed references obtained from the university library database. The format must be APA, 6th edition, in Times New Roman font, with a 12 font size.  Students are encouraged to submit their assignments to the university writing lab GROWL for review prior to final submission

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