The community is Fayette County in Pennsylvania

This is a group project.

The following criteria will be used in evaluating your paper.

1.    Clarity and readability

2.    Organization and style

3.    Adequate documentation

4.    Technical requirements (length, typed, APA,.)

The extent to which the assignment content and requirements were covered (45%);

5.    Integration of required and recommended readings and critical thinking

Select an identifiable geographic (place-type) community, agency or host setting within that community, an issue or challenge appropriate for advanced generalist intervention within this context.

Address the items listed below, in prose style, using a variety of sources (e.g., existing data such as Census Data, “personal communication”, agency documents and reports, relevant professional and academic literature, including theory covered in prior social work courses) as well as knowledge based on your own experience or observations and/or those of others. Please be sure to use APA style and to use appropriate citation for material from existing sources as well as information gathered from others (e.g., “personal communication” as well as documents, reports, etc.).

1.    Community Description and Analysis

a)    Include the community’s boundaries, size, and key characteristics of the community and its population.

b)    Include in the text relevant data from the U.S. Census. At a minimum you should be able to report:

i) Total population

ii) Population broken down by race/ethnic categories (percent Caucasian, Black, Native American, Asian, etc., using the Census categories)

iii) Key figures on age (e.g., percent under/over 18, percent 65 or older, percent

85 or older)

iv) Key figures on home tenure (percent home owners, percent renters)

you have to wrote about people who 65 and older also people who 58 and older

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