Potential Causes of Serial Offenders

One of the key questions that has baffled scholars for years is, “Why do certain people become serial offenders?” A onetime offender, such as a person who murders his or her spouse’s lover, is quite different from an offender who selects and stalks a wide range of people. Trying to figure out the factors that influence serial offenses can provide much-needed insight into what causes individuals to become serial offenders, what can be done to prevent someone from becoming a serial offender, and how serial offenders should be treated within the criminal justice system. These offenders are often examined through case studies where their entire lives are analyzed for potential factors that may have influenced their behaviors.


The Assignment (2–3 pages)


  • Describe the convicted serial offender you selected.
  • Describe any social, environmental, psychological, and/or biological factors that may have contributed to the serial offense and explain how they contributed.
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