planter’s peanuts as a model of innovation

Listen to the following short clip from NPR: Mr. Peanut’s ride goes green. Review Planters sustainability mission, including “Our Mission,” “Areas of Progress” (and all sub-categories under that heading), and “Planters Nutmobile.” Prepare a two to three page paper (excluding title and reference page), following the APA guidelines, that addresses the following:

How has Planters incorporated “green” energy and environmental considerations into the design of its facilities, products, services, and processes? How does Planters’ supply chain decisions affect society and the environment? Is the “Eco-Advantage Mindset” present in the Planters’ strategy? Explain. Does Planters appear to be engaged in “Eco-Tracking”? Explain.

What are the limitations of using Planters Peanuts as a sustainable business model for other food manufacturers? Provide one example of a food manufacturer that could benefit from following Planters Peanuts as a model of sustainable business strategy. Explain the reasoning for your choice.


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