Overcome the Five Main Reasons People Resist Change

1. Read the article “Overcome the Five Main Reasons People Resist Change.” After reading the article, identify three reasons for resistance to change. Which of these reasons is likely to be the most critical in your organization? As a leader, how would you overcome this type of resistance? Fear of the unknown/surprise, Mistrust, Loss of job security/control, Bad timing, An individual’s predisposition toward change.

2. Organizations face substantial change on a regular basis. Technology, out sourcing, and restructuring through downsizing or rightsizing are some of the key reasons for change. Assume you are receiving news that you are the point person within your department/division for one of the change factors listed above. What are the barriers you must address that could challenge the change initiative? What steps will you use to facilitate a successful change process? NOTES: Each question answers must be 250 words minimum



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