operating system upgrade implementation brief


The final project for this course is an operating system upgrade implementation brief, containing three deliverables (a written report, an information assurance presentation, and web-technology tutorials) to illustrate implementation of provided components of an operating system upgrade plan. Using the scenario given, you will complete the implementation tasks as described for the operating system upgrade.

Course Outcomes

• Assess the capabilities of basic computer networks in terms of scope and scale for their ability to address enterprise needs

• Modify basic behaviors in computer programs to meet specified criteria

• Differentiate between fundamental data storage and fundamental data retrieval systems for determining appropriate management of data within an enterprise

• Manipulate basic web technologies for optimal use and function

• Analyze fundamental components of information assurance practices to maximize the security of enterprise systems


Your final project will address the following scenario: You are a new employee at an IT help desk. The organization that you work for has computers that are due for an operating system (OS) upgrade. Your supervisor has provided you with tasks needed to facilitate a smooth upgrade process. You will use the provided elements to explain and illustrate the implementation of an operating system upgrade. You will write a report design a presentation and create two brief tutorials.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Written Report:

I. Using the provided coding, determine modifications to the code in order to communicate to employees about the pending operating system upgrade through a display on their desktop computer screen.

a) Identify five components of the code, indicatingtheir role in programming. Be sure to address all five components.

b) Modify existing code to generate a new message to employees that informs them of the anticipated date for the upgrade. Use screenshots to illustrate the working code before and after modification.

c) Describe the changes made and why they were necessary.

II. Using the provided illustration of the network configuration for the organization, give a detailed description of the computer network. The description will be used by Help Desk staff to provide necessary support to employees.

a) Network Configuration – Explanation: Describe the configuration of the network, explaining the role of each component and connection.

b) Network Configuration – Evaluation: Describe the critical components that may be missing from the diagram, which are necessary for a network to function properly. Provide a rationale for including the missing critical configuration components, based on the function of each missing component.

III. Using the provided database, create a database report and modify the appropriate components with information regarding the employees’ computers and upgrade dates. Then, run the associated query to produce a report for Help Desk staff to aid them when communicating with employees.

a) Database Examination: For each table in the database, compare the datasheet view with the design view. Make sure to describe what each table contains and any data types other than text.

b) Database Modification: Select the correct table and modify this table by creating a new data field with the appropriate data type required. Then enter the appropriate upgrade information based on group number. Describe the steps you have taken to make these alterations.

c) Database Query: Run the appropriately named query and describe what data is being pulled. Discuss the links established between tables within the query. How do the linkages between tables affect the ability to pull correct data? Explain. Screenshots may be used to support your claims.

Information Assurance Presentation:

IV. Prepare a three-slide presentation explaining information assurance needs, includingrisks associated with non-adherence to processes, and countermeasures to mitigate risks.

a) Information Assurance: Provide a description (one slide) of information assurance and associated needs for this upgrade

b) Risks: Explain the risks associated with non-adherence to information assurance processes (one slide) in this scenario

c) Countermeasures: Describe specific ways to address and mitigate risks associated (one slide)

Web-Technology Tutorials:

V. Prepare two one-page web-technology tutorials for setting the company website as the homepage and for enabling and disabling cookies.

a) Homepage: Create a one-page tutorial for setting the company website as the homepage for newly updated computers. Make sure to indicate web browser specifications.

b) Cookies: Create a one-page tutorial for enabling and disabling cookies, including web browser specifications.


Milestone One: Programming Report

In Module Two, you will prepare and submit a report with the provided code modified to display a new message to the employees informing them about the operating system upgrade. This milestone is graded with the Milestone One Rubric.

Milestone Two: Networking and Database Reports

In Module Five, you will prepare networking and database reports for the scenario provided. For the networking report, describe the network configuration, explaining the role of each component and connection, following the diagram provided by your supervisor. Write a short description of any components you think are missing from the network diagram and provide a potential rationale of why you think these components are critical to the network. Specifically, state the functions of the components and how they contribute to the network. For the database report, modify the appropriate components of the provided database with the information regarding the employees’ computers and the upgrade. The table containing the date of each computer’s upgrade should be updated upon completion of this upgrade. The query identifying each employee’s upgrade date should be run. This will serve as the type of report that would be given to Help Desk staff to communicate with employees. This milestone is graded with the Milestone Two Rubric.

Milestone Three: Information Assurance and Web Technologies Communications

In Module Seven, you will submit a three-slide presentation explaining information assurance needs,includingrisks associated with non-adherence to processes and describing countermeasures to mitigate risks, and two one-page tutorialsfor setting the company website as the homepage and for enabling and disabling cookies. This milestone is graded with the Milestone Three Rubric.

Final Submission: Operating System Upgrade Implementation Brief

In Module Nine, you will submit your operating system upgrade implementation brief. This should be a complete, polished artifact containingall of the deliverables (written report, information assurance presentation, and web-technology tutorials).


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