Module 2 for Philosophy

PHI 100: Introduction to Philosophy

Module 2 Homework Assignment


Directions: For this assignment, you will explain which approach to the mind-body problem you find most convincing and why.  Next, you will explain the strongest objection to your analysis.  Finally, you will explain why it is important that people adopt the approach that you defended. 


Structure: Your essay should begin with an introduction paragraph that introduces the topic to your reader and contains a thesis statement.  This thesis should explain which theory you plan to argue for and how you plan to make this argument.  This section should be at least 100 words in length.


Next, you will explain the theory that you have decided to discuss.  This should include a discussion not only of the theory itself, but why you think this is the most convincing response to the mind-body problem.  What question is this theory attempting to answer, how does it do so, and why do you think it is successful in doing so?  This section should be at least 200 words in length.


After you have explained this theory, you will explain the strongest possible objection to your analysis.  Why might you be wrong about this being the best theory in response to the mind-body problem?  How could somebody respond to the specific claims that you have made in the paragraph above in order to show possible flaws in your analysis?  This section should be at least 150 words in length.


Finally, you will explain why it is important to adopt the views of the theory that you defend; explain what important social implications come from this theory, and what problematic consequences might arise if we do not adopt it.  This section should be at least 100 words in length.


Tips: The following are important things to keep in mind while completing this assignment.


  • Start early and revise often.  Even just one proofread can catch many unwanted errors in your final draft which could make you lose points.
  • Use all resources available to you.  The LIRN Library and Academic Resource Center are two great places to start your research and to get help/feedback on your essay.


Minimum Requirements: Your assignment must:


  • Be in APA format with a proper and complete title page
  • Have at least 550 words following the format given above
  • Be free of grammar, typo, and spelling errors
  • Use at least 2 secondary sources from the LIRN Library
    • For guidelines on how to use the LIRN Library, please visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC).
  • List all secondary sources in a reference page using APA format
    • Please visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for concise APA format and citation guidelines.
  • Not use any more than 20% quoted material at most.  This means that at least 80% of your discussion needs to be in your own words.
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