Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

For your final project in this course, you must develop a 25-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, based on the public health topic that you selected in Week 1. Your presentation must apply social and behavioral theories to address the public health issue that you have selected. Your final project will include a description of the public health issue, a thorough literature review using peer-reviewed resources, and the theoretical frameworks that have been established to address the issue. The presentation will continue with the development of a health promotion program including implementation and evaluation. Your health promotion program must demonstrate the application and integration of social and behavioral theories to your selected issue. All informational slides should contain extensive speaker notes that summarize your findings. The goal is to transform all of your deliverables into a cohesive presentation, rather than copying and pasting from the weekly assignments.

Your presentation must include the following sections:

A title slide The description of your selected public health issue The results of your literature review Theoretical frameworks that have been applied to your selected issue A proposal for a health promotion program, based on social and behavioral theories An implementation plan A program evaluation, based in the theoretical frameworks that you have applied to your selected issue A conclusion Detailed speaker’s notes References


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