mass balance and systems

A stream of humid air containing 1.00 mole% water vapor and the balance dry air is to be humidified to a water content of 10.00 mole% water vapor. To achieve this liquid water is fed through a flow meter and evaporated into the air stream. The flowmeter reading R is 95. The only calibration data available are that readings of R = 15 and R = 50 correspond to liquid water flow rates of 40 ft3 /hr and 96.9 ft3 /hr, respectively. a. Assuming the process is working correctly, draw and label a flow sheet, do a degree of freedom analysis, and determine the molar flow rate of humid air (lbmole/hr). b. If it were found that the outlet air actually contained 7% water instead of the desired 10% list reasons why this might be so, concentrating on assumptions made in part a) above that might not be true in “real life.”

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