Marketing plan/Feasibility Study on Japanese tourists coming to Australia, Queensland

The main criteria of this report are focusing on the current economic, political, legal and cultural environment of Australia. The purpose of this research is to shape the growth of Japanese tourists, by presenting a tourist package directly targeted at young to middle-aged (ages 20-30) consumers who decide to travel to a tourist destination within Australia.

The planned location is Gold Coast, Queensland. The Japanese consumer will enjoy 7 day trip through destinations like the Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast, and Australian Zoo, various theme parks, national parks and Port Douglas would appeal to our target segment.Giving a broad mixture of ventures within the island, it can be customized to suit all consumer needs, from couple situated dinners to luxurious getaways for two. This package will be a self-conducted tour of surroundings and scenery that the Japanese consumers have never encountered before.

Include example of Last years report, that got HD


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