1) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained in importance over the last decade. Companies are not only evaluated based on their financials, but also based on their activities related to the society in which they operate and the consequences of their operations on the environment.


Using the Argosy University online library resources, select an MNC that was recently recognized for its high CSR standards and practices, and an MNC recently involved in a social, environmental, or ethical dispute.


Next, do the following:


Describe the practices of the MNC recognized for high CSR standards.

Contrast its practices with those of the company that was identified as having poor CSR practices.

Evaluate practices and consequences of both companies as related to CSR.

2) When operating globally, companies need to evaluate political and economic factors. One other important analysis needs to be conducted: cultural similarities and differences between the home country and the host country.


Using Argosy University’s online library resources, review the literature related to cultural differences in terms of their impact on companies doing business internationally.


Then, do the following:


Identify one such company and then review its Web sites in 2–4 different markets to see how the firm presents its products and/or services. For example, you can look at the Web sites of McDonald’s, IKEA, and Google in the US, France, India, Russia, and Brazil.

Based on the visual appearance of these Web sites, and the relevant literature (related to cultural differences in particular), explain how these sites are different from country to country.

3) A country’s political stability is a critical business consideration when deciding to enter a country or not. Put yourself in the shoes of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and his/her management team thinking about global expansion. Your company is in the manufacturing business. You are exploring options where to expand. How will political stability and political systems influence your decision?


Using Argosy University’s online library resources and the Internet, do the following:


Select two countries from different parts of the world with two different political structures. Both countries should have high business potential for your manufacturing company.

Contrast and analyze how their political systems and political stability will influence your decision to expand into those countries.

Be sure to research real countries and use actual information about the countries.

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