Linear Regression Analysis

1.Once you have retrieved your topic Exam Anxiety.sav dataset, go to Analyze, then to Regression, then to Linear. 2.Conduct a multiple regression analysis in SPSS. For this exercise you will be answering your regression question (below). The dependent variable is the variable you are trying to predict. The independent variables are the predictors (those which you think can predict the dependent variable). 3.The independent variables can be Scale, Ordinal, or Nominal variables . The dependent variable must be a Scale (interval or ratio) variable. 4.Copy and paste the results table into a Word document. 5.Write at least two sentences that answer your regression research question, based on your data analysis. 6.Analyze and explain the significant findings and directional relationships (positive versus negative coefficients).

Analyze the hypotheses based on the findings: 7. How are these findings similar to or different from the simple independent samples nonparametric t-test analysis? 8.What do the findings suggest about the data and the research questions?

Here is the predictive question for this dataset: •Exam Anxiety in Students (Exam Anxiety.sav dataset): To what extent do gender, exam anxiety, and time spent revising predict exam performance for students?


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