Law and Society

Read the following two articles (links to both can be found on D2L) on the use of Islamic law in Nigeria:


1.) “Oil and Politics in Nigeria”

2.) “Nigerian Court Frees Woman Sentenced Under Sharia Law”


Once you read the articles, write a paper in essay form that answers the following questions:


1.) What are the human rights concerns surrounding the use of Islamic law?  Why do some human rights groups decry the use of Sharia law in Muslim countries around the world?  Do you agree or disagree with the human rights groups?  Why or why not?

2.) How is Islamic law used in Nigeria?  Why might people in the predominantly Muslim northern states of Nigeria wish to be governed by Sharia?

3.)  What are the facts surrounding the case involving Amina Lawal?  What, if anything, surprised you about this case and its outcome?  What do you think about the charges against Amina Lawal and the outcome of her case?


Since this is a writing intensive class, be sure that you write in essay format.  An assignment that merely answers the questions that does not resemble a response paper will be downgraded.  Come to class prepared to share your papers.  This assignment will be due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, February 10 in the dropbox on D2L.


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