Labor relations

A.)Type your answers to the prompts below in a Word document. Remember to include parenthetical citations (in APA format) to reference your sources.


1.   What is the significance of the RLA and the Norris-Laguardia Act and how do they modify the NLRA?

2.   Compare key provisions of the Wagner Act, Taft-Hartely Act, and Lundrum-Griffin Act.

3.   Explain the relationship of a local union to the national and international union affiliates, as well as to the AFL-CIO.

4.   What are “unfair labor practices” and are they similar for both unions and management? Explain the differences.


B.) How has the change in management practices since the 1980s affected labor relations?


Provide examples in your response using two current event articles of the last five years. For example, you may locate an article where the NLRB has interceded in a situation. Remember to cite your sources. Use the Saint Leo Online Library or any other search engine to acquire articles. You must also reply to two or more classmates’ posted answers before the module comes to a close.

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