Kelsey ES Data Analysis

Select the link for the Classroom Data download on the right side of the screen under Student Materials.

You will need to select “Enable Macros” when you open this file, then follow the directions in the pink box to download the data and save the file to your computer. Not saving the information to your computer will result in the data being scrambled every time you open the file.

Evaluate the data for the following elements: •Determine the number of boys and girls in the class and create a bar graph or pie chart to display the information (if in doubt, you select) •Calculate the mean, median, and mode for the Math, Reading, and Writing Homework/Assignments grades for the class. •Determine if there is or is not a normal distribution for the Math, Reading, and Writing report card grades. •Create a scatterplot diagram illustrating the Reading scores for the class. •Analyze and explain the purpose of the descriptive statistics used. •Describe the relationship between student absences and Math grades in one sentence. •Develop a report on your analysis of the Kelsey Elementary School data.

You may choose to write a paper (APA-formatted, citations, references, and appendices), create a Glog (providing all the elements of the assignment including a list of your APA-formatted references), or a Prezi presentation (providing all the elements of the assignment including a list of your APA-formatted references). Regardless of the option you select for your assignment, you will need to include the Excel spreadsheet (your data download) with the data used as the basis for your analysis. If you are creating a Glog or Prezi, you will need to provide the link on an APA-formatted title page to upload to the assignments link. Students are responsible for ensuring the link works!


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