Intro to Psychology assignment

Think of a movie, television show, or book that you enjoyed that exemplifies at least five motivation/emotion concepts (usually the bolded or italicized words in the text).. You can use any concepts from the reading with the following requirements: All five concepts cannot be from one chapter. That means you need two or three motivation concept and two or three emotion concepts. The concepts have to be distinct. For instance, you cannot use three levels of Maslow’s hierarchy as three different concepts. It is one. Your discussion of the concept has to go beyond the obvious. For instance, you cannot choose fear as a concept and describe how a character was afraid. You knew about fear before taking this class. You need to bring in something new e.g. the amygdala, how fear is learned, etc. you may only use the concepts on emotion not stress Write a brief description of the plot in about 100 words. List five motivation/emotion concepts and then provide one or two sentences each describing where in the movie, television show, or book each concept was demonstrated.


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