Interpreting Weather Forecasts

*After looking at the weather forecast last Saturday, you plan a wonderful day hiking and picnicking with your family. In the middle of this picnic, a downpour soaks all of the food and ruins the day. Last winter, the forecasters called for a snowy winter, but you had to cancel your vacation because there was no snow at the resort. Why can’t the weather forecasters get it right?

*In this Application, you will have the opportunity to track the weather, compare it to what was forecasted for your area, and examine how well the forecasters did.

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To prepare for this Application:

* Review the assigned reading in the course text along with the web sites and animations for this week that are listed in the Learning Resources.

* For seven days, observe and record the following information (Consult TV, newspapers, or the Internet for information and forecasts):




The assignment:

Write a 2- to 3-page paper in which you do the following:

*Record the prediction and actual data for precipitation, wind, and temperature over the seven-day period you followed.

*   Describe what occurred over the seven days in your area and explain the difference between the predictions and the actual occurrences.

* Define the following terms and describe how they affected the weather:





Air pressure

Cloud formations

Frontal systems

Coriolis effect

Midlatiduinal cyclones

Air masses (Which ones affects your area?)

* Then explain whether or not this type of weather is typical for your area and the time of year.

* Include the sources of your information (Web site address, etc.), including for the forecasted precipitation, wind and temperature.

The area I lived is Alabama.

Here is some link




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