Intellectual Property Law

Key words of dissertation:
A Comparative study; based on copyright law; originality; moral rights ; protection ;benefits in different jurisdictions ; infringement ; freedom of expression

To find out how far the scope of protection stretches as far as copyright protection and moral rights are concerned and how the law is applied in different jurisdictions and the limitations as well as the development of copyright law under intellectual property sources of legislations must be used from legal websites such as westlaw, lexis nexis, hein online etc. Other materials must include textbooks , case law , journal articles
Sources to be added:-
Andrew Christine, Stephen Gare, Blackstone’s Statutes on Intellectual Property, (11th Edition) (Oxford University Press) Bainbridge, I. Intellectual Property, 9th ed(Pearson Education Ltd, Harlow, England. (2012) Bently, L. And Sherman, B. (2014) Intellectual Property Law (4th Edition) Oxford University Press, Oxford Colston, C. & Middleton, K. Modern Intellectual Property Law, (2nd Edition) (Cavendish Publishing, Britain, 2005) Statute Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

Dear writer, I will need you to help me form/create a question for my dissertation, to which you will be writing the answer of 15,000 words, OSCORLA Referencing, including bibliography which includes books web resources, statutes, case law etc., based on the key words I have provided you with above. I will NEED the question of my dissertation and an abstract summary of my whole dissertation of 500 words by Sunday the 28th of June 5pm UK time, this week followed by the list of the chapters that will be covered in my dissertation that you will be writing on by the 28th of June 5pm

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