important trends and challenges facing all organizations today

The text discusses some of the important trends and challenges facing all organizations today. Think about each of these trends and challenges and then complete the Key Trends and Challenges Matrix below.

Key Trends and Challenges Facing Organizations

For each of the six Trends and Challenges, complete the following matrix:

1. Provide a brief description of each Trend and Challenge

2. Describe 1 – 3 specific examples of each Trend and Challenge from your workplace, or another organization.

Trends and Challenges


Specific Examples
Employee Engagement
Flattening World
Sustainability and Green
Shifting Workforce Demographics
Global Marketplace for Staffing



Give a concise but thorough answer to the following chapter discussion questions.

Chapter 1

1. How can an organization or company most effectively show its workforce that they are valued? In your professional experience, have you been part of a company that highly valued its employees? How does this compare to companies that perceive little value from its employees?

2. Give one example of a reliable measure and one example of a valid measure. Discuss each.

3. Do you think the sustainability movement in business is a trend that’s here to stay or a business fad? Why?

Chapter 2

1. What does it mean for a company to manage diversity effectively? How would you know if a company is doing a good job managing diversity?

2. How and what does diversity add to an organization’s culture? What problems might arise from diversity in the workplace?

3. How can organizations manage a workforce with different personal ethical values?


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