human resource

1. Which groups constitute protected classes under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? When is a job qualification said to have a disparate impact on protected groups?Describe the two types of sexual harassment identified by the courts. Describe the steps involved in the selection process.

2.Summarize the protections that workers are afforded under the Fair Labor Standards Act. What worker rights are regulated by the National Labor Relations Act? How does this Act differ from the other two significant pieces of legislation regarding labor relations„othe Taft-Hartley Act and the Landrum-Griffin Act?Summarize the positions of labor unions on prison labor and contingent workers.

3.How does an organization evaluate its compliance with legal requirements? How may an organization choose to compete in the international environment, and how does each strategy affect its human resource function? When a multinational firm hires local workers, what types of training are needed?What pitfalls may limit the effectiveness of career planning?

4.How do businesses compensate expatriates? How does the area of labor relations affect international human resource management? Describe the relationship among an organization’s purpose, mission, and top management team and how this relationship affects its human resource practices.How can management prepare for collective bargaining? How can a union prepare for collective bargaining?

5.Why is an organization’s culture an important link to its human resource management? Describe the factors that affect human resource strategy formulation. Compare and contrast related and unrelated diversification.How would an organization conduct an evaluation of its human resource function?What are some barriers to effective negotiation?

6.How does job analysis relate to the various human resource management processes in the organization? Discuss the specific job analysis techniques in terms of the types of information generated, the degree of specificity to the job being analyzed, and relationship to the characteristics of the job or of the worker.Describe knowledge, skills, and abilities and provide some examples for a job in which you have worked?

7.Describe some of the actions that a firm might take to implement a human resource plan when it has a strategy of growth, stability, and reduction. Summarize legal issues in job analysis.Should an organization attempt to retain employees who prefer to leave voluntarily? Summarize the arguments for and against such action.

8.Define the three types of justice that workers may perceive as lacking during a layoff. Describe a specific hypothetical example of an action the firm can take to increase the workers’ perceptions of each type of justice.What is a realistic job preview? What benefits may it provide?

9.Describe a basic model of the turnover process. What other models or mechanisms have been proposed to explain turnover? Explain how each of the proposed alternatives relates to the basic model.How does each of the retention strategies mentioned in your text address one of the three causes of job dissatisfaction?

10.What are organizational citizenship behaviors? Give at least three specific examples of employee actions that are organizational citizenship behaviors. What can the organization do to increase these behaviors?Describe the most common methods for internal recruiting.Briefly describe four techniques commonly used for external recruiting.

11.Describe the various kinds of employment tests and the information that employers expect to gain from their use.What are some factors that have led to increased diversity in the workforce?Which is preferable, identical treatment or equitable treatment? Give examples to support your opinion.What are some similarities among people in the workforce? What are some differences?

12.Summarize the six arguments that are used to describe how diversity contributes to competitiveness.Discuss the characteristics of a multicultural organization.What pitfalls may limit the effectiveness of career planning?Briefly describe each of the steps in the unionization process, including who is responsible for each action.

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