How to write a Rhetorical analysis essay?

I need a rhetorical analysis essay based on Will Bell “So I Run” poem. This is the outline below copied and pasted:

Thesis: Ever wish you can go back in time to rescue your hero? Will “The real one” Bell “So I run” spoken poetry posted on YouTube May, 31, 2013 for DefJam Poetry. The message/purpose will was trying to get across was he went back in time to save all of his heroes, and a lot of those heroes we learned being young because it is apart of Black History and Will was just saying that it would’ve been good to learn and live life that was intended from his heroes without them dying and he wrote in a pathos tone, about tragedy.

Three Key points; saving one from saving many and one a gun, saving many from a bomb explosion and some from being gunned down and saving one from having a dream and one from being set up to die.

II. saving one from saving many and one a gun A. He wished be can go back to save Harriet Tubman under the railroad so goes bank and under the railroad he rubbed the clothes of a thousand slaves and ran in another direction. B. Then he runs until he gets to Jackson, Mississippi on June 11 1963… C. In Jackson, Mississippi he run until he’s in the bushes in front of Medgar Evers home, he has to bring the tension on results of wood Medgar from getting killed that day. D. . Tubman was an African-American humanitarian and during the American Civil War, a union spy and Medgar Evers was a black silver right activist from Mississippi involved in efforts to overturn segregation at a University of Mississippi. E. He hears the shouting saying “you better run nigger!” And he runs all the way until he gets to Birmingham Alabama in 1963

III. Saving mini from a bomb explosion in some from being gunned down A. In Birmingham Alabama peak me to church window he sees for little girls and noticed a box of sticking so he reach in the box to turn the bomb off of wood explosion that day. B. Then he runs until he gets to February 21, 1965… C. February 21, 1965 he found himself in Manhattan ballroom explain some of them asked what’s going on taking taking his goons they leave to avoid Malcolm X. getting gone down that evening. D. A bombing of African-American church in Birmingham Alabama perpetrated by the KKK clean delight for young girls in Malcolm X was an American Muslim minister in a human rights activist. E. He hears that saying shouting saying “you better run nigger” and he runs all the way until you get some Memphis Tennessee 1968 one about the knee with Dr. Martha Luther King Junior…

IV. Saving one for having the dream and one from being set up to die. A. In Memphis Tennessee April 4, 1968 he five weeks of covering market of the king with his own body shooting back to the shootist of Woodmont to let the king from dying that day B. He runs and so he gets to Las Vegas September 7, 1996… C. He find stuff in the middle of an intersection pulled of the passenger-side to avoid Tupac from getting killed that day. Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Baptist minister, activities, humanitarian, and leader in the African-American silver right movement and Tupac Shakoor, also known by his stage name Marco valley, was an American rapper, Arthur, actor, and poet. As of 2007 secure was sold over 75 billion records will wide making him one of the best selling music artist of all time E. He has that same stream “you better run nigger”

V. Saving one from a bullet and why did he do it? A. So he went so fast six months is Pat ending in Las Vegas in time to push biggie out of the way for the last bullet. B. Will bell went back in time to save all of his heroes, then he realize he don’t have to run anymore. Keep on not a lot of points that occurred in black history then me eat that many of us have learned growing up but it would’ve been good to learn and to live the life that was intended for materials without them dying.

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