How to construct these on excel for MAC program

Consider these data on the selling prices ($000) of homes in the city of Warren, Pennsylvania, last year. Selling Price ($000) Frequency 120 up to 150 4 150 up to 180 18 180 up to 210 30 210 up to 240 20 240 up to 270 17 270 up to 300 10 300 up to 330 6 a. What is the class interval? b. How many homes were sold last year? c. How many homes sold for less than $210,000? d. What is the relative frequency for the $210 up to $240 class? e. What is the midpoint of the $150 up to $180 class? f. What were the maximum and minimum selling prices? g. Construct a histogram of these data. h. Make a frequency polygon of these data.

Lind, Douglas; Marchal, William; Wathen, Samuel (2013-02-11). Basic Statistics for Business and Economics (Page 54). McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Kindle Edition.


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