history research paper

Research question: What were the features of Medieval Europe that developed between 500 and 1200 C.E.?


5-6 double-spaced pages or more with standard 1-inch margins and 12 point standard font.  Papers significantly shorter than this will be penalized.   You need a title page and a references page (not counted as pages) Sources & Citations. Your paper should have a minimum of five outside sources.   Assigned resources may be used (and should be used) but they do not count toward the minimum number of outside sources.       


Encyclopedias and dictionaries are not appropriate sources for college level work. Wikipedia, Infoplease, About.com, and other non-academic websites are not acceptable sources.  (Bear in mind that anyone can submit an article to Wikipedia.)  Personal websites and blogs are also not appropriate, unless the author has academic credentials. Online sources are fine

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