History of Latin America

The Motorcycle Diaries

This additional text had the purpose of serving as an ancillary reflection of our course’s main text information.

As such, it should have had some bearing on the events which were studied, often comparing/contrasting the period of the book with the era under study in our main text…….But, more importantly, it should have provided a more “personalized” view of the regions studied and their social , political, and economic issues; as seen through the eyes of the beholder – Che Guevara and his companion – as they traveled about the countryside, and regaled in the life and suffering of Latin America’s people.

  • If elected to be submitted, you shall be required to develop a ‘review’ of The Motorcycle Diaries, reflecting on the events which were presented, and thoughtfully comparing/contrasting the period and events of the book with the era and events under study in our main text.

he assignment shall be minimally 3-4 paragraphs in length

  • MLA citation
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