History Exam

There two part of this exam,

First  part divided to four qeusions,

esch qeusuins has to be 275 words



second part is the 750 words abpout wether you agree or disagree of Europe was centric or not, from the course assignments,


Please, Please all the soursec have to be from the book and there are read pages pointed out under eash course to make it easier,


I will get F in the course if the spurces were outside the sources, I will email the book as zip file (E-Book)



Its due 11:55 am thuersday June 25th





Answer the following short essay questions (minimum of 275 words). Support your response with SPECIFIC EXAMPLES and SOURCE-BASED EVIDENCE. Pay particular attention to TIME and PLACE.


  1. What was the Great War, a.k.a. World War I? Why did it occur? Why do we care?


– A World War Reading: Bentley & Ziegler, Ch. 33 – The Great War, pp. 762-789:

– Memorandum, General Syrian Congress, p. 785




  1. What was the Great Depression? Why did it happen? Why does it matter?


– Reading: Bentley & Ziegler, Ch. 34 – An Age of Anxiety, pp. 790-811

– Reading: Bentley & Ziegler, Ch. 35

– Nationalism and Political Identities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, pp. 812-832 Reading: Peter Fritzsche, “Introduction” in Germans into Nazis, Marcus Garvey, p. 824

Franklin Roosevelt and the Soviet Five-Year Plan, pp. 801 & 805



  1. What was World War II? What caused it? Why is it relevant?

World War II and the Cold War Reading: Bentley & Ziegler, Ch. 36

  • New Conflagrations: World War II and the Cold War, pp. 834-862 –
  • Reading: Mazower, “The End of Eurocentrism”
  • Hiroshima Maiden and Heinrich Himmler, pp. 847 & 851





  1. What was Decolonization? Why did it happen? Why do we care?


Reading: Bentley & Ziegler, Ch. 37

  • The End of Empire, pp. 864-889 Reading: Elias Chacour, “Seeds of Hope,” Chapter 8 in Blood Brothers
  • Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Kwame Nkrumah, pp. 869 & 877



Answer the essay question (minimum 750 words) according to the following


  1. Write a clear thesis in your opening paragraph.


  1. Accurately support your thesis with source-based evidence. (Lecture,

Textbook, Primary, and Secondary. Course sources only!!!)


  1. Reference time and place throughout.


  1. Analyze at least FIVE “events” OF YOUR CHOICE from world history since

1700 (i.e. the Atlantic Slave trade, the Industrial Revolution, World War One).


  1. Address a broad geographic scope: Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

(This is World History, after all).


  1. Argue logically & persuasively – either “yes” or “no” – but address both sides.





Question: Many scholars today see the “Global View” of modern history as little more

than a narrative of Eurocentrism—a story that ultimately reaffirms the rise of European

power and culture. Given everything you have learned about world history since 1700,

do you agree with these historians?

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