History Course Project – Globalization

History Course Project – Globalization


Globalization refers to the ever increasingly global spread of culture, products, and services. It differs from cultural imperialism, in the aspect that it refers to the ever-increasing interconnectivity between nations, and not directly to the acquiring of other nations by one imperialistic superpower. However, globalization is problematic in nature because it does carry with it the potential for cultural imperialism. Those who argue against globalization feel that Americanization and capitalism spread through globalization are imperialistic in nature, and have a negative impact on global cultural diversity. Conversely, the proponents of globalization believe that the positive aspects of it, such as economic growth, international trade, and the worldwide exchange of innovative thinking, communication, and popular culture, far outweigh globalization’s negative characteristics.



“Glocalization,” or the act of thinking globally, but acting locally, applies to many cultures that experience American culture through globalization. As discussed in the previous lecture, the concept that the homogenizing effect of American popular culture, or the power to make other cultures the same as it through the spread of consumerism, does not always apply. It is imperative to understand that when a dominant culture is spread through globalization, the specific characteristics of the culture on the receiving end of this transaction work through developing their own meanings for the messages that are being sent.




Write a course project portfolio essay on the issue of globalization. Give an example of a current, active website that is based in the US, which expresses the values of globalization, and analyze the site.


Your essay should answer the following questions:


  • What is globalization, and in what ways has the Internet served as a vehicle for it?
  • What cultural values do the site you chose reflect?
  • What political values are reflected?
  • Is the site culturally or politically biased in some way? Explain.
  • How are these values that are reflected by the website distinctly American?

Your thesis for this essay should attempt to argue why this site is an example of the values of globalization, and use your answers from the questions above to explain why this is true.

This paper should be 3 pages of complete content (cover page and reference page are separate) and have in-text citations. The paper will be in APA style (both in formatting the paper and reference page). One scholarly article as a minimum should be included in the paper.

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