history assignment



use quote marks to identify the author.  When you do that you are basically passing off the work as your own (even if you include the reference/website, and there were no references included in any of your responses). You need to place quotation marks around passages that come from another source. Also, when posting a section from an internet source, make sure to give your own thoughts (interpretation) on it.


Need One Paragraph on each questions, don’t forget to add quote and thoughts.


Discussion Questions:


How did the Cold War affect the social and political climate in the United States during the 1950s? In particular, how do you explain McCarthyism and the Red Scare? Can you think of any modern parallels to these events, when fear and paranoia threatened basic American liberties? Elaborate.




As you look at McCarthy, what were some of the tactics he used in his hunt for communists in the US?  What kind of atmosphere was created in the nation?




One of the original architects of America’s Cold War policy was President Truman. In 1947 he announced what was to become known as the Truman Doctrine. What did this strategy entail?  What was meant by containment? And who was George Kennan? What role did he have on early Cold War policy?




Discuss how you see the “war on terrorism” as of this date. Do you think the United States should be engaged in such a war? Give reasons for or against this war and whether or not we are giving up our own principles to wage it.




This is an issue that has been the source of passionate debate, both in the US and the rest of the world. As you are looking at the reading this week, make sure to think about some of the tools (such as the Patriot Act) to fight terrorism. Are these tools necessary? Or do they go too far?




One of the more important questions in the war on terror concerns security vs. privacy. Which one do you think is more important? Or can we have both? What arguments would the original framers of the government agree with?

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