Healthcare Administration

Part one

APA format 200 word max

In the Unit 8 Assignment you will detail what you have learned and describe how you will use this knowledge with any future classes, your present or future career, or your own personal life. Use this discussion to practice for the unit Assignment by sharing the knowledge that you have gained from the course so far and thoughts about the Assignment.


Part two paper

Based on the knowledge you have achieved thus far in our class, compose a minimum two page double-spaced reflective essay detailing what you have learned, and describe how you will use this knowledge with any future classes, your present or future career, and your own personal life. 4 page max

Recruitment and Retention

Compensation Principles

Performance Appraisal and Succession Planning

Preparation and Development

Labor Relations and the Legal Environment of Human Resource Management

Organizational Strategy


Part three

Apa 250 words

Before you begin this discussion, review the presentation: Today’s Job Market: Job Descriptions and What Employers Want..

Spend time in the Discussion Board to talk about your experience and observations of today’s job market and what employers are looking for with their applicants.


As you begin to apply for positions, describe how you plan to obtain letters of what employers want and relating your skills to the job description. What are marketable skills for health care? How would you go about getting health care experience for your resume? What other strategies can you use to stand out in today’s job market?




Part four 250 words

PREAMBLE of the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATORS: The preservation of the highest standards of integrity and ethical principles is vital to the successful discharge of the professional responsibilities of all long‐term health care administrators. This Code of Ethics has been promulgated by the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) in an effort to stress the fundamental rules considered essential to this basic purpose. It shall be the obligation of members to seek to avoid not only conduct specifically proscribed by the code, but also conduct that is inconsistent with its spirit and purpose. Failure to specify any particular responsibility or practice in this Code of Ethics should not be construed as denial of the existence of other responsibilities or practices. Recognizing that the ultimate responsibility for applying standards and ethics falls upon the individual, the ACHCA establishes the following Code of Ethics to make clear its expectation of the membership.


SOURCE: of Ethics_non-member_Redesign Draft_100721[1].pdf

How can an administrator in a health care organization influence others in the organization to use data legally and ethically? How can an administrator respond to reluctance to comply with legal and ethical standards?


Part Five  apa  Format

This Discussion is going to require some research. In at least 150 words, answer the following:

First, research any healthcare administration laws or certifications for your state and share the results with your classmates.

In addition, do a job search and post a job you find that would fit with your degree in Healthcare Administration.

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