health behavior

Health Behavior Project (must be turned in by due date on course outline)
1. If you need help deciding on a health behavior to improve, you can complete
the Comprehensive health assessment at the end of Chapter 1 (optional).
2. Choose one health behavior to improve upon this semester.
3. Write a one page introduction on why you have chosen this health behavior to
4. Write one paragraph or ”bullet” statements each week about your actions and
5. At the end of the project time write a one page summary of your
success/challenges and how you feel about this project.
6. This project must be submitted with a cover sheet, stapled together in the top
left -hand corner. The cover sheet must include: Your name, name of Health
Behavior Project, time your class meets, and date submitted.
This project is due on the date sited on the course outline. This project must be
submitted typed and double-spaced with font no larger than 12. The project must
be submitted in person. Do not email the project. Points will be deducted if
submitted late and/or if the above information is not included or directions not
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