Global Human Resources Perspectives, Trends, and Issues

The readings provide perspectives, trends, and issues relative to the roles and responsibilities of HR professionals working in the global context. Identify and discuss three key trends or issues presented in the readings associated with HR and its contributions to 21st century global organizations.

In addition, briefly share an experience you have had with HR that reflects its changing role in the workplace.

Use citations from the readings to support your response.



Use your Human Resource Management: Gaining a Competitive Advantage text to read:

  • Chapter 1, “Human Resource Management: Gaining a Competitive Advantage,” pages 2–69.

Use the Internet to find and review the following:

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers’ report “Key Trends in Human Capital 2012: A Global Perspective.” Read about the four global trends by clicking on each title, then click Download to read the report. Focus your attention on projections, trends, and economic indicators influencing human capital engagement, productivity, and measuring results.
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